Concur Connector for Xero

ExcluServ brings together the power of Concur with the simplicity of Xero. This provides organisations with a seamless integrated solution, from purchasing through to payment.

Sign-up and Implementation

You can be up and running with the Concur Connector for Xero in a matter of hours. If you are interested in using the connector, please contact us. Concur is a highly configurable application and therefore there is a number of different ways in which we can set up the Concur connector to best fit your business processes. We offer a free, guided, implementation process which should take no more than 30 minutes of your time.

Arrange a demonstration with us, and we will explain the different ways in which we can streamline the accounts payable process between Concur and Xero.

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Using the Concur Connector for Xero you will make the most of your Concur and Xero platform by streamlining processes, saving your finance team time and adding additional functionality such as the transfer of images and smartly managing billable expenses. Pricing starts from £30 / month, including free implementation and setup, which is typically completed within an hour. Total cost is dependent on the number of expense reports or invoices that you have committed to with Concur.

Billable Expenses and Receipts

The Concur Connector for Xero has been designed to not only automate existing export / import processes, but also to add additional value to your Concur and Xero platform.

Streamline billable expenses recorded in Concur by syncing your Customers to Concur and tracking expenses through to Xero using Xero’s simple to use billable expenses functionality. Customise the process further by tracking billable expenditure through reporting or control accounts. See the detailed process by downloading the PDF or contact us for a demonstration.

Ensure your finance team always have a complete record in Xero by attaching all receipts and invoices as images to your Xero records.

We continue to develop new functionality to our connector to ensure you get the best possible value from your accounts payable solution.

Why Concur

Procurement controls

Concur provides expense, travel and invoice management all within one platform, meaning you only need this one application to control all expenditure within your business.

Includes scanning of all documents, control of limits by person, and options to link to specific suppliers for travel and other regular costs.


With enterprise level functionality you can be assured that the solution you implement will be able to scale with your business and prevent the need to switch to much more expensive ERP solutions.

Xero Expertise

ExcluServ are certified Xero App developers, and Xero partners so we understand both the accounting and technical environment in a way that means we ensure the processes developed actually work for the team in finance and are easy to use for the wider organisation.

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Book a demonstration with us and allow us to show you how an integrated Concur / Xero environment can provide your business with greater control whilst at the same time streamlining and automating accounts payable and expense processing.

Concur Connector for Xero Features

Concur Products

Both Concur Expense and Invoice products are supported. Customers can subscribe to either one of the solutions or both.

Contacts and Purchase Invoices

Expense claims and vendor invoices are turned into Xero purchase invoices. Existing contacts in Xero is updated with the latest billing information from Concur.

Receipt Images

The Concur Connector supports the transfer of receipt and invoice images to Xero.

Muliple Currencies

We support any number of currencies.


The Concur Connector has various configurable settings which is set during the free setup process. Further customisations for specific functionality may also be possible.

Software as a Service

The Concur Connector is a cloud based Software as a Service offering. This means you have no need to install or maintain any additional software. Implementation can be completed within a few hours.

Multiple Xero Entities

The Concur Connector can integrate your Concur implementation to an unlimited number of Xero entities.


The Concur Connector makes use of encrypted data transfers and no sensitive data is maintained on our servers.

Error handling and reporting

The Concur Connector enables smart error handling and reporting which means that you can be assured that all integration issues are dealt with correctly.