Software Solutions for Finance

ExcluServ are unique in combining software development (through our partners Xama Technologies) with in-house accounting expertise.

ExcluServ use software solutions to drive efficiency within your finance functions. We are in a great position to provide the best software solution for any challenge within your finance department, whether using Xama Technologies integration tools, third party solutions or bespoke development.

Software Products

Until Autumn 2018 ExcluServ used Xero certified developers in-house to develop products based on what our clients request, rather than what we think the market needs.

From this base Xama Technologies has been formed as a new company. Xama works in close partnership with ExcluServ, managing the many products that they ExcluServ developed over the years and building new richer functionality around them. They also take on specific developments that are agreed with ExcluServ clients where appropriate.

All of our software solutions have started from a specific client requirement, which we have then extended, standardised and made to work for a wider client base. The functionality is continually enriched based on client feedback and known good development practice, and therefore meets your real needs while offering new options.

Concur Connector for Xero

Concur are a leading, cloud based, enterprise level, platform for expenses, travel bookings and automated accounts payables. Recognising the huge benefits of Xero, Concur have asked ExcluServ to develop an integration for the two solutions.

This provides a seamless platform for business to adopt concur while retaining the benefits of award winning Xero accounting software. Our integration connects with multiple Xero instances across your business, in different tax regimes, and working in multiple currencies.  This gives you access to all of the approval workflows within Concur, while holding the complete transaction and scanned image within Xero for accounting purposes.

Not for Profit Fundraising Platform

Providing a fully integrated solution between Xero and a simple configuration of the Non Profit Starter Pack – ExcluServ makes the power of Salesforce a deliverable and very affordable possibility for even small to medium sized charities.

Salesforce foundation offer their software for free, Excluserv have developed a simple configuration to make it easy to implement, and the integration tool allows it to keep your accounts and fundraising systems totally in sync.

Custom Software Solutions

Your organisation is unique and sometimes a custom software development can help you deliver more efficiently and with better outcomes.
Wherever possible we seek to work with existing solutions that can deliver 80% of what you need and then develop robust additional functionality within that platform. To bring the data into the accounts, where possible we work with the backbone of our integration tool that drives our main product solutions. This ensures that your custom solution has the full benefit of strong proven products as their foundation.

Custom Xero Integrations

ExcluServ provide custom software solutions, specialising in integrated solutions between Xero and peripheral systems. ExcluServ aims to use our integration service solution to provide custom functionality. This ensures that customers share functionality that we have already developed and gain access to feature rich solutions which may otherwise be much more timely and costly to develop.

Excel Development

ExcluServ provide expertise in Excel development of financial models of automation of financial processes and reporting. Engage ExcluServ to evaluate your current excel worksheets and reporting and find out how we can streamline and enhance your processes through consultancy and software development.