ExcluServ was established in 2005. Consultancy is at the core of our services as we work with organisations to overcome challenges in their systems, processes and accounting.

Our objective, to enable our clients to realise the potential of their finance function, drives us to examine, challenge and assist in putting in place the changes that are needed. This can be through specific consultancy work but is also intrinsic to our approach with software and outsourcing solutions.

Operational Processes

Poor processes will lead to weak controls, costly operations, and low confidence in the finance function. ExcluServ work with the finance team and key stakeholders to identify the problem, improve processes, including changes to systems and gain organisational buy in.

Integration of Systems

Separate systems result in problems including wasted resource as data is rekeyed and uncertainty as the two systems are out of step. ExcluServ’s experience in integration addresses these problems from both technical and practical perspectives, giving a solution that really works for you.


Whether you need conventional management reports or a full dashboard, ExcluServ provide organisations with the reporting capabilities to present management information in a timely manner and in a format that is right for your organisation.

Strategy & Governance

ExcluServ have years of experience within a variety of business and non-profit sectors and can provide input at a higher level. Whether that is representation on the board, supporting a change in business structure or assistance with budgeting and planning, ExcluServ can provide the assistance needed.